Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time for a Rebrand - the Silicon Valley 49ers?

So I was reading through this new piece in Time talking about how cool and high tech the new Levi stadium is -- it's quite interesting. Here's one thing that struck me:
It’s in the center of the tech universe, of course, so it’s only natural that 49ers management decided to devote a significant sum of money to building high-tech infrastructure.
Since the 49ers play here and obviously technology is going to be a theme in promotional activities, isn't it time that we rebrand the team the Silicon Valley 49ers?

Consider, San Francisco often wants to claim a Silicon Valley connection when businesses promote their technology -- like the city is part of Silicon Valley. And while people throughout the world want to visit San Francisco as tourists, cities and regions everywhere want to scoop up Silicon to be part of their regional brand -- Silicon Gulch, Silicon Beach, Silicon Triangle.

And just think of the possibilities. Charlie Chip, the Fry's mascot can hang with Sourdough Sam. Nano-sized beers sold for premium prices. The possibilities are endless.

But we wouldn't have to lose the San Francisco connection entirely. Much like other parts of the workforce here, the team can say that they live in San Francisco, but they just take the Google Bus to work here in the Valley...

Unfortunately, for their first pre-season games, it looks like the team decided to adopt that other classic high-tech cornerstone -- telecommuting.

Wouldn't this whole rebranding thing be SO perfect?

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