Monday, August 18, 2014

Must Read Monday: Original Sin, MediaREDEF and Net Neutrality

Last week, I came across a post on Pando that linked me to Jason Hirshhorn's MediaREDEF newsletter. You should go to the site and sign up now. So far, daily emails with really really good content -- many must reads.

One of the links brought me to this story from the Atlantic -- Advertising as the Internet's Original Sin. It's a long piece, but is absolutely a Must Read article for any modern marketing pro. This is not a spoiler, but I love the whole breakdown of "Investor Story Time" and along with the breakdown of the real value of Facebook advertising. If you've ever sat across from someone telling you that one of their monetization paths may be to add advertising, the notion of being better than Facebook is pretty funny.

Another one on my reading list for today (and has been in my thoughts a bunch recently) is this post on algorithm driven content and Net Neutrality. Again, it's a reminder that there's a big difference between reality and the reality that we are served through most of the web.

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