Affiliations and Sponsorships
While you won't find many posts promoting specific products on this blog, in keeping with the FTC guidelines on disclosure, it seemed like it might be helpful to provide a section that discloses any financial relationships or compensation associated with the site.

As a general rule, there isn't much advertising or promotion on Marketing To Me -- most of the programs have been set up in an effort to research the implementation of the program; however, please don't consider that a limit on future activities. Additionally, as has been noted in previous posts, Marketing To Me has serious reservations regarding the relationship between paid endorsements and genuine word of mouth marketing success.

Google Adsense - Ads by Google produces the context-sensititive ads on the sides of the blog. While these offer some potential compensation to Marketing To Me, the program was set up initially as a test and analysis tool for the site.

Amazon.com Affiliate - Marketing to Me is an Amazon affiliate. While these listings provide some potential compensation, the initial purpose of this affiliate relationship was to add some rich content (images and links) accessible through the Amazon.com database.