Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frustrating Aspects of Blogger - Lost Posts, Accidental Publishing, and more

If you use blogger, perhaps you've experienced this. You spend hours or days crafting a post. Then, as you get ready to publish it, you go back in to make edits. You make a change, then decide that you don't like that change. So you undo. Suddenly, your entire post is gone. A blank text area has replaced all of those words you put together. Quickly, you try to recover before Blogger's auto-save replaces your precious text with nothing. Too late. It's gone.

This morning I lost another post to the monster that lives underneath Blogger. To say that it's frustrating is an understatement. Part of the problem is auto-save, but part of the problem seems to be something in the way that Blogger handles undo. Of course, the whole thing would be moot if Blogger provided something like subversion on the auto-saves for a given session. Would it be complicated? Perhaps. But I, for one, think it would be totally worth it compared to the frustration of the lost post.

The Accidental Publish Feature
Another Blogger problem that's frustrated me several times recently seems to be related to the interface. Several times, as I started to type the title of my post, I accidentally hit the return key instead of the shift key or the apostrophe -- it happens. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Blogger seems to automatically click the Publish button based on that return. The next thing you know, I'm publishing posts like "The". Then deleting them.

I suppose in the high speed world of Google, two-steps is too long for publishing. Think about the drop out rate in the publishing pipeline!

Ah well, don't mind me. I'm just grumpy because I lost another post.

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