Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Daily Grind of a Jedi Master

In the Star Wars movies, one theme focuses on training the next generation of Jedi knights, Jedi academy if you will. But for all of the amusement, they never dive too deeply into the world of the Jedi Master -- not the cool adventure stuff, but the ongoing daily grind.

By that I mean, here you are, Jedi Master, and you've been around the block once or twice. And yet, every day you find yourself surrounded by people, students, trade-embargoing aliens, and general society riff-raff, that all seem to think they've invented a new way to get over on the universe. These are the new generation of heroes and villains, convinced that because they now have a light saber and managed to block a few training blasts with their eyes closed, they could stand against an army. Or an armada.

And so, full of energy and hubris, they race off to make their mark on history, ignoring the wisdom of the Jedi Masters, attempting to walk a tightrope of shortcuts with raw talent and enthusiasm. And when things get dire, in comes the Jedi Master to clean things up and make things right. This is the story from the Star Wars point of view. But from the Jedi Master perspective, things probably looked a bit different.

Day one: Padawan was hungry. Decided to make microwave popcorn. Set the timer for five minutes and returned to primary activity. I warned padawan about the dangers of leaving a popping problem unattended, but padawan assured me that he could sense the force in each kernel of popcorn. Three minutes in, as smoke filled the facility, everyone thinks I'm psychic.

Day two: Apprentice wants to expand search for new Jedi recruits, suggests purchasing email list. I warn the apprentice of the dangers of purchased lists and undesired email, but he proceeds despite my warnings. We spend the next two weeks getting our domain off of the spam blacklist.

Day 14: Lois in administration receives an incoming query about space debris in the Andorra cluster. Asks who should receive these types of inquiries again. I remind her that Master Xendu handles those types of inquiries. I'm really wishing there was a mind trick to make people think, not just plant a thought. Why did I become a Jedi again?

Day 22: The new crop of recruits just finished their training and are very excited. They've requested to trademark their team mission statement. The universe is doomed.

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