Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Imagining an Enhanced Version of Gmail Mail Googles

Remember that Labs extension for Gmail that would help you avoid sending late night drunken emails? Essentially, you could define a period of time at night where Gmail would challenge you with a math problem -- if you couldn't solve it, the assumption was that you were too drunk and might want to reconsider sending the email.

Imagine if they could craft one that helped prevent people from sending those really stupid emails. You know, those emails with questions like:
  • What's the address of the hotel we're staying at?
    You know the name of the hotel, why are you emailing me to ask for the address? Have you heard of a thing called search?
  • What time is the meeting scheduled for?
    Did you look in your calendar? I sent the calendar invitation so that you would have a reference for the meeting.
How do you filter to block stupid?
I'm not exactly certain, but that's why it might take a team of Google engineers to overcome this problem. You probably need to scan the email for commonly asked questions and then score it based on an index of dumb questions. Maybe the person receiving the email could flag it as stupid in order to build a database of stupid rank.

Then advertising based on stupid rank -- StupidAds -- could appear. Need remedial Internet technology education? Send us an email.

I can envision an entire Internet ecosystem built around stupid rank, we just need to get the ball rolling. Anybody have the email address of somebody doing developing in the Gmail Labs?

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