Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bad Brand Reputation Spillover: United Airlines and Chase Card

So I just received this email from Chase promoting an event. The subject header was, essentially, United Card from Chase. I realized, as I looked at my inbox, that I was having a visceral reaction to seeing the email -- essentially, my brain was saying, "oh, hell no" without even opening the email.

My reaction was not dissatisfaction with Chase, the credit card, or the promotional email, it was a resurgence of my anger and frustration with United Airlines. In fact, while I actually like the card and have been happy with Chase, I've found that I've been increasingly hesitant to use it simply because of the interrelationship with United -- the very premise that helped sell the card.

It made me wonder, how big are these anti-brand spillover ripples? How much do they affect your consumer behavior? Are there brands and services that you avoid spending money with simply because of their interrelationship with another brand that you're unhappy with?

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