Thursday, January 16, 2014

Marijuana and Messaging Strategy: Insights that left me giddy

As you probably already know, PandoDaily is one of my favorite reads. And since they acquired Paul Carr's NSFW company earlier this year, they've added some great writers and really boosted their content. One piece that I came across recently is an incredible article by David Sirota.

How Colorado disrupted the Drug War is a deep dive into the messaging strategy that empowered what might seem like one of the least likely states to reform their marijuana laws to disrupt the status quo and change the narrative on drug law reform. It's particularly interesting when you think about the inter-relationship between fear and the messaging surrounding the issue.

Fear is an extremely powerful message driver. Even now, if you were to consider discussing this article with your colleagues at work, you'll probably find yourself feeling anxious with your internal Safe-For-Work alarms going off. This isn't sex, politics or religion, but in some ways it's worse -- it's drugs. And 'pro-drugs' is just about as third rail as it gets.

I would put Sirota's piece in the category of Must Reads.

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