Monday, January 27, 2014

Even Techcrunch is Writing About Housing

It's been a long time since I looked at Techcrunch. After the AOL acquisition, then the terrible redesign, I found it rather frustrating to look at. I think Pandodaily serves up content better most of the time. Anyway, I found my way back there on Friday afternoon and I came across this post, It Doesn't Have To Be This Way by Kim-Mai Cutler. I found it eerily similar to the post that I published -- supported by a host of facts that probably help reinforce the story.

It's an interesting read, but the idea that the reason that BART doesn't span the Bay Area being that San Mateo county didn't want to pay to transport lucrative Santa Clara county residents through their district is a bit off. If it were that simple, you probably would have seen BART into San Jose 25-30 years earlier. But regardless of whether you buy the historical explanation or even whether you see BART as decent mass transit, the reality of "not enough regionally integrated rapid mass transit" is undeniable.

For me, the biggest difference between Cutler's piece and my own is that the Techcrunch piece is more of a "Can't we all Just Get Along" theme meets "Build More Houses". To me, it seems like there's a lot of that going on already and, as I mentioned in my post, I'm not sure that it's helping. Anyway, interesting to see the dialog.

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