Sunday, April 29, 2012

Will You Survive The Extinction of the Creative Class?

So here's some rather lengthy Sunday reading for you. It starts with this collection of articles posted on Salon last week, kicked off by this post, No Sympathy for the Creative Class - Art in Crisis, by Scott Timberg. It's a great exploration of how the 'Creative Class' struggles these days, fueled by the economic downturn, American anti-intellectualism, and to some extent, technology and the Internet. It's a long read, but well worth your effort.

While I think that the piece leans a little heavily on the struggles within the traditional arts, he also touches on the creative class in business -- graphic design, writers, and architects. One aspect that I think that he kind of glances over is that, within this sector and the idea of commercial creative, you once had a much larger 'working class' creative. These aren't necessarily people dancing, painting and sculpting, they are people in the corporate world participating in the same kinds of 9-to-5 tasks as... fill-in-the-blank because if you follow that logic, then you've also already hopped on board part of the anti-elitist rhetoric that the piece references.

Anyway, totally worth a read and probably something that I'll write more about going forward.

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