Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Posts: Recent News

I'm buried with a couple of big time-sensitive projects right now so I haven't had time to put the finishing polish on a couple of longer posts that I've been working on. However, I wanted to share a few interesting bits of news that I came across recently.

Apple Wins Patent On Multi-Touch Interface - Macrumors posted this news. It's an interesting development in the world of tablet and smart phone interface.

Judge is Skeptical of Apple's Trademark Claims in 'App Store' Case Against Amazon - This case (whether Apple can trademark App Store and prevent other companies from using the term) is ongoing, but there was an interesting bit of news from the case posted on Macrumors. Essentially, the judge is having a difficult time finding how Amazon's use of 'App Store' might confuse Apple customers. If trademarks are all about helping your customers differentiate between your brand and a generic version of the item, then this can help give you some insight into trademarks and the idea of confusion.

Often, in the world of marketing, we have to deal with people who want to trademark anything and everything. Here is a case where, even backed by a strong legal time, protecting a phrase like this may not be possible.

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