Saturday, June 20, 2009

What happens when Enthusiasm makes you an overzealous evangelist?

So I was sitting at a gathering last night, surrounded by a Buchanan bunch of people that I didn't know. I started to check email, and the woman next to me was surprised by my iPhone - she'd never seen one. So I started to show her some of the things that it does. She seemed amused, then mentioned that her son had a... I'm not actually sure what type of phone that he had, I didn't recognize the model. So she invites him over and asks him, "have you ever see one of these?" His snappy response indicated not only that he was familiar with the iPhone, but that he also looked at is though it were some evil status symbol being dangled in front of him like a taunt.

I've published several review posts about my iPhone, but it's hard to capture the day to day experience of using and having the phone. There's certainly the usage, but there's another level of activity that goes on everyday - it's the community of users, discussing applications and functionality, raving about the cool things that you can do with the phone and the software. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and it's all good until someones feelings get hurt.

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