Thursday, January 29, 2009

There Are Still Good Tradeshows

This week has been busy with a nice little tradeshow here in San Jose,
Photonics West. As I walk down the aisles, I keep hearing two things
-- comments about how the bad economy is not hurting this industry and
comments about how this show appears to be very successful for the
companies that are exhibiting here. Admittedly, real ROI can't be
measured until it all turns into orders, but this certainly looks

The overall traffic reminds me of MacWorld in that it's much, much
better than I expected or would have predicted. So, is it just these
shows, these industries, or are things just not as bad as all that?
Personally, I think that it's the right show and the right industry --
and even then, I don't think that the print pub advertising sales
people are having a good time, evenwith the crowds and the optimism.

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