Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama - Proving the Power of Web 2.0, The Long Tail, and Next Generation Marketing

While it's been obvious for some time, with the announcement of the election results, we now have another testament to the power of next-generation, long tail marketing.

Here's an examples of what I mean - Fund raising...

When you break down the high-volume, small contributor element of the Obama campaign fund raising, you're really talking about a Long Tail model. But the thing to highlight is not just that many individuals used the web to contribute small amounts - that same approach has been available and used since Howard Dean, but that Obama made those contibutions important. Valued. Engaged. Essentially, by providing this broad-based audience with a product that they could use, that they could believe in, Obama connected with his customers and was able to get them to become more involved than the sideline political spectator.

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