Friday, June 20, 2008

Marketing to a 'Spare the Air' day

Today is another 'Spare the Air' day here in the valley. For those of you that don't know what a Spare the Air day is, it's when the climate (temperature, wind, etc) factors are expected to combine with human-caused activities to make the air quality really crappy. On Spare the Air days, they recommend that you don't drive, don't run your appliances during the day, don't cook on the BBQ grill -- those kinds of things. They also urge you to take public transportation.

Last year, BART let people ride for free on the first Spare the Air day of the year. While a lot of companies offer incentive programs for their employees to take public transportation or commute, I find is surprising that you don't see more companies promoting their own initiatives to help Spare The Air -- particularly in these days of $4+ per gallon gas.

From a PR standpoint, the nice thing about Spare the Air days is that they happen with some frequency, and while the old focus of getting things published used to drive PR, you could continue to drive the message with each Spare the Air day.

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