Sunday, May 18, 2008

More on Creativity and Tolerating Ambiguity

In writing my most recent post -- combined with some quick Google searches -- lead me to some interesting links. Here, presented without much comment, are some of those links:

Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain - Here's a link to the LA Times article about how self-declared "Liberals" are more tolerant of ambiguity than self-declared "Conservatives". I remember when this study came out, there was a lot of discussion about whether this whole thing was politically motivated or that there was some specific message that was being shaped by the study.

Mac-users are more tolerant of ambiguity than PC-users
- the element of this story that took hold in the media was the idea that Mac users are snobs, but I think that it's worth noting both how popular the Mac is within the creative industry and some of the other demographic information that they attribute to Mac users. Can you use this type of demographic data to help you anticipate whether an audience will be comfortable with your concepts? UPDATE: the link that I was trying to use to " TV" didn't work - it was a video that was put together, but everytime you clicked the link, it would load a different video that the Mac one. You can find the video if you search the site, but here is a summary of the news story.

Beyond Black & White: Learning to Tolerate Ambiguity - Here's an interesting blog written by a couple of doctors (husband and wife) that post on neuro-learning and childhood development. There are some interesting diagrams of the brain, some interesting discussions about tolerating creativity, and some good links at the bottom of the post.

Mind Flexors
- this link is one that I went followed from the bottom of the previous link. There are some great creative "Mind Exercises" and some interesting ways of seeing the world through a creative lens. This one is worth following!

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