Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brand Autopsy - Cool insights into marketing issues

If you're involved in marketing -- or you're just looking for amusing business-related stuff to read on the web -- you should check out John Moore's blog, Brand Autopsy.

I came across his blog about a year ago while I was wandering through some thoughts on branding, and I haven't stopped reading it since. If you haven't seen it, John used to do marketing for Starbucks and Whole Foods markets, and he's always posting cool insights on marketing topics.

When I crawling through a host of blogs on brand and marketing, all too often I found many that were simply shells for selling marketing consulting and services. Even if it helps support is speaking business, this isn't yet another one of those "I created this blog to promote my services" blogs. Whether it's snapshots and analysis from marketing books, brand analysis, or explorations into what it means to make unique connections with customers, his blog really is TRULY worth a read.

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