Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photography and Skin Tone

Here is an interesting article I came across talking about the history of photography and how the process was optimized for white skin tone. If you've spent any time attempting to color correct or color-balance a photo with a number of people in it, you're probably familiar with some of the challenges and limitations.

One thing that this article seems to miss is that there's also a skin type that seems to celebrate the reds in the photography process. Often, when you get this skin type, it looks like the person is in the middle of a drunken bender -- something I used to think was entirely possible for one of the corporate executives that had this skin type. Sadly, I seem to have hit this stage in life myself -- the exceptionally red-face, not the drunken bender -- and I'm often plagued with trying to desaturate the reds in my face without screwing up the rest of the image or making me look unnatural. It's a reminder that, for however good the newest cameras might be, there are still limitations inherent in the process.

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