Monday, July 28, 2014

More Interesting Reading for Monday

Here are a few more interesting things that I've been thinking about this Monday morning. The first is courtesy of a link I came across on the PandoDaily site today. The link is actually to Lifehacker -- it's an interview with Ira Glass from This American Life. Here's the link. It's a really interesting breakdown of some of the editing and audio processing that they use. Cool stuff.

Another interesting one is something that I came across in the Pando Ticker last week. This is an interesting blog post about gender from a female presenter talking about how people seemed to think it was okay to provide unsolicited criticism of her presentation. Meanwhile, none of the male presenters experienced any presentation criticism. It's a good read; however, depending upon your gender and your experiences, you may find it unsurprising. Here's Lara Swanson's blog post.

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