Friday, October 1, 2010

Pawn to Queen's Four

There's no need to over-think this. You simply need to execute...
When I used to play chess more frequently, I always liked the Queen's Gambit opening. Rather than simply making the standard pawn to King's four opening, the Queen's Gambit can be a disturbing experience for casual players that have come to expect a certain rhythm to the opening of the game. "Is it a mistake," they wonder. "Why would he do that?"

In business, we often play a predictable game, not really executing moves as much as mindless stepping to a choreographed dance. While these mindless rhythms can help relieve us from a need to focus on unimportant details and provide us comfort in the stability of the process, they can also mask problems with analysis and strategy. Sometimes the people that you have to work with just want to keep it simple because they don't know any other way. Sometimes you can be successful in the business world by following predictable steps and telling everyone that you are a chess master -- and that's probably why I enjoy the Queen's Gambit so much.

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