Monday, July 27, 2009

Wendell Potter, Health Care PR, CIGNA, and What It Means to Have Ethics

I referenced this story in a previous post on health care reform, but I'm just listening to the replay of this morning's Forum program on KQED (here's a link to the page with the audio). They have Wendell Potter, former head of Corporate Communications at CIGNA. The broadcast (and some other things that I've heard) refer to him as a whistle-blower, exposing the secret workings of the insurance industry.

The show is worth a listen. Beyond that, I think that it brings up an important topic point -- how do ethics intersect with the products and the messages that you're promoting? Does your job enable you to feel honorable?

'Chapeau!' ('hat tip' with a Tour de France spin) to Wendell Potter for work he is doing now -- here's hoping that, like a great start-up, he will help change the world.

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