Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Mac - Computer Hardware, Software, and the Space in Between

Late November of last year, I broke down and bought a new Mac laptop. My last purchase -- other than 'the company' purchase of my work computer -- was back in 1999. Sadly, why my old Wallstreet still runs, it's pretty well hobbled as a mobile computer, the interfaces are all outdated, and it's basically stone-age when it comes to software versions. With my new Macbook Pro, I can run all the new software, run Windows on Boot Camp or VMWare, and connect to my current generation of peripherals.

While I'm thinking about a more comprehensive review of the system, one thing that I just thought I would point out as food for thought. My new MBP ran about $1800 (I got the previous generation system on close-out) for the system. In going through all of the software that I need to update and reload, there is the big package of Adobe's Creative Suite. While I have some upgrade options, the list price for Creative Suite comes in at about $1700. Think about that for a moment -- one software package (or a handful, depending on how you break it out) costs as much or more than the entire system. Add in that a Mac is not your low-end PC purchase, and you have a sense of just how pricey the Adobe product line is.

Imagine if the Microsoft Office Suite ran $1800? How quickly do you think that Open Office or Google Docs would be a Microsoft killer? Consider -- with a complete install of the Windows package and the Office package, you still wind up far under the cost of the Adobe Suite.

Now, Creative Suite is a virtual must-have if you are a creative pro, but come on guys -- your killing us here.

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